28 April 2008

Saturday -- A Wild Slew Indeed

I've been meaning to get out to one of these Anarchist Variety shows, otherwise known as Louis Vuitton Night at the Mercury Cafe, but something always gets in the way. Last time I tried to go I got lost in Commerce City after dark (trying to avoid that giant sinkhole on I-25) and once I finally found my bearings I was too rattled. Kids, Commerce City is no place for me to be lost after dark. But this Saturday, barring mishaps, I will be here:

Saturday May 03, 2008 at 9:30 PM

Mercury Cafe at 2199 California Street

$3 optional donation for the Denver Zine Library

Fashion Theme: JURASSIC PARK (enough said)

As usual, we have a wild slew of amazing bands and stunning acts but to lubricate your whistle here's a few of the highlights: Tom Murphy presents the Surprise Headlining Band, Royal Rush Dance Troupe performing Janet Jackson, Susan Susan, Israel-San's DIY Shibari, Sparrow of Cirkus Dorkus, Bellydancing by Khalijah, Frieda's Violin Modern, Dr. Meg presents cutting edge research on the Chaos Theory, Druglas' Fast and Fucking Furious Performance Art, Denver Community Group Ditties and much much more!

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