10 April 2008

Monday, Pretty Songs, Some About Animals

The best part about local artists opening for bands touring from places yonder is that, when paired with knowledge and thoughtfulness, it can turn you on to one or the other that you might not have otherwise given a listen.

It's no secret that I love Porlolo, so when they open for another band, I'll make time to give them a listen. With the convenience of MySpace, it's hardly a time commitment, but as it is, I gave a click and a listen and decided I do indeed like Blitzen Trapper. I thought they sounded a lot like they'd been listening to a lot of Big Star, but since I've loved Alex Chilton's band ever since I heard Paul Westerberg croon the name, this is all good with me.

I recommend:

At the hi-dive
Monday 14 April 2008
Radio 1190 presents

Blitzen Trapper

Fleet Foxes


(Porlolo and Placerville)

Wish I could be there, but Mondays are a no show night out for me. Maybe you can go and tell me all about it?

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Anonymous said...

Yo truth. I will get back to you on the totally awesome show you will miss on Monday. Wish we could hang out!

x, erin