09 April 2009

You may not go to church, but you can still see the Reverend

This Saturday at One Eyed Jacks, (formerly The Continental Club) what Westword's Best of 2009 called the best club revival, you can join in the Reverend Deadeye's own rock 'n' roll revival. I'm reminding you right now to bring your bibles, because as many times as the Reverend asks for them, y'all forget them every single time. For shame.

It is the Reverend's last show in Denver before his second European tour. So head down, check out the new club and send one of Denver's fine musical ambassador's on his way with a little more change in his pocket. I am sure he'll appreciate it.

I got to see the Reverend with American Relay at 3 Kings Tavern last week. I always am glad to see both these bands perform and last Thursday was no exception. It was a treat that Reverend Deadeye's brother was in town and performing with him. I hadn't seen them play together before and it was quite fine. American Relay has yet to disappoint me and the duo delivered their songs with no lack of energy and fervor. They shared some new songs still in progress too, which I love to catch. One of the irreplacable experiences of following a band and making the effort to get out to see them live is hearing new songs develop, following the song until it is recorded and immortalized as "the" version. I like to follow the possibilities of where a song might go. Even though I am only a listener in the process, it feels inclusive. And since, like so many others, I've got the job-searching depression going on, it was a little comforting to listen. When you're on the outs, those blues songs remind you that you're still on the inside somewhere.

Okay, that's enough of my rambling musical philosophizing. Go out and listen for yourself!

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