02 December 2007

Oh! It's like that Falcon

All of a sudden the spaceship styled bar stools and the moonscape murals made sense. The Falcon is not just yet another Denver music venue named after a bird. (Bluebird, Meadowlark, et al.)

Somebody told me that they heard owner talking about wanting to have a model of Han Solo's famed spacecraft crashing through the front of the building. That would be cool. But, alas, to run a business, priorities must be made, and undoubtedly to use anything Star Wars, royalties would have to be paid. Fortunately The Falcon made good choices in its priorities for opening night. Bowling was not operating, but the brand spankin' new sound system was set up so musicians on stage could hear each other and the audience got a refreshingly clean clear sound as well. Cowboy Curse broke in the new stage with an energetic and tight performance, a pleasure, as usual.

There didn't appear to be food yet, but the bar was stocked and the tenders of it were nice. My main complaints? Way too much light at the bar, it's like Denver Diner bright, and that's just very unsettling. The stage area was acceptably dim, but it's got the Larimer Lounge set up of being way at the back and I've noticed that setup seems to keep the timid away from the music. Though by the time the second band, Dirty Sweet, hit the stage a number of people who'd spent a bit of time at the bar were lured to the back with some familiar-ish 70s rock sounds.

It'll be interesting to see how this venue develops and what sort of niche it carves out for itself. One thing I'm sure of, if they keep good music on the stage they won't go too far wrong.

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