30 August 2007

Denver Bands Never Die,

they just go on "indefinite hiatus"

i am really sad to add bright channel to my list of bands i love to see that i probably won't get the chance to see anymore. (though i look forward to hearing what those kids'll come up with next.)

NO UPCOMING SHOWS ------------------------------------------------------------------- 8-26-07: We are sorry to announce that Bright Channel will be going on indefinite hiatus. Thanks to everybody who has helped make this such a great ride. Flight Approved Records will be bringing you more music in the very near future - stay tuned for Jeff's new Moonspeed lineup, a third Pteranodon record and more! We'll be posting updates and new music samples over the next few months on flightapproved.com, and on our myspace sites (myspace.com/moonspeeder +++ myspace.com/flightapproved +++ myspace.com/pteranodon). See you in the future ...

it's a reminder: if you like what someone is doing, if their music moves you, don't shrug off the chance to see them perform reckoning, "aw, i'm tired, i'll catch them next time" and definitely if they make the effort to record their music--buy it.

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