01 April 2007

cranky cracker

Delivering barely a goldfish sized performance at the Twist & Shout in-store David Lowery solidified my previous impression that he is now officially a cranky old man. Nevermind that he's not all that much older than me, his attitude seals it. First let me say that I really really love the Twist & Shout in store performances. The Silversun Pickups delivered a high energy and sweetly personal performance a few weeks prior. It was packed with enthusiastic fans that had seen them the night before as well as those who didn't get to the show and were grateful for the extra chance to hear a few songs performed live. I took my kids down to the grand opening in store when DeVotchKa played a great little set that made a big impression on my son Colin and his friend Ian (who have since started their own band.) The in-stores, although not a replacement for a whole show, are a fabulous addition to the scene. They are low key, personal and special. I am super glad that the Twist & Shout folks put forth the effort to make them happen. All the more reason why I was disappointed in Cracker's appearance. Lowery still has that endearing twangy whine of a voice that I am actually fond of from back in the Camper Van Beethoven, Vampire Can Mating Oven days. (Though I think he lost a sense of humor that had back then.) Even so, Lowery kept the rhythm together while Johnny Hickman executed a fine showmanship of guitary skills. Although the lyrics were a bit too far on the bitter side of disappointed love and loneliness for my taste, this is not a bad band. But bloody hell, twenty minutes of fussing with the microphone stand (I'm surprised Adam was able to exercise enough restraint to not hit David upside the head with it) and two songs in less than ten minutes before a "sorry folks, but we've got a show to get to" left a medium sized crowd a little puzzled and disappointed.

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